Making a real difference.

Annie's Story

Annie was born with a severe form of muscular dystrophy which means she has gradually lost movement and control in her muscles. This has left her unable to walk, play, or experience the same freedoms as other children, including being able to go to the same places as her brother, Charlie.

Whilst Annie had an electric wheelchair to assist her mobility, its inaccessibility meant she couldn't enjoy places like the beach or going on woodland walks with her family. She was very restricted with where she was able to go.

Everything changed though when Annie's mum, Rachel, applied to Smile For Life for a grant, for which her goal was to receive funds that could buy equipment to improve Annie's quality of life.

This grant has bought a specially-made lightweight wheelchair buggy for Annie, which now enables her to enjoy the great outdoors with her friends and brother, Charlie.


Smile For Life is delighted to have been able to assist with funding that has made such a significant difference to Annie's life and experience of the world.

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