Making a real difference.

Michael Kerr

Michael from Northumberland is 11 years old and attends Northern Counties School for the Deaf in Jesmond, Newcastle. Michael was left profoundly deaf after suffering meningitis as a baby and has grown up in the main care of his grandmother and father Steven,  who is currently serving in Afghanistan. Michael was finding it extremely difficult to come to terms with the separation from his dad and was unable to communicate by telephone due to his disabilities. His teacher at NCSD contacted us to request help; as Michael communicates purely with sign language,  an Ipad would prove to be an ideal way for Michael and his father to retain the relationship they have built – skyping every day and communicating through sign, sharing photographs of the day's activities and celebrating Michaels achievements at school through photos and videos. We were delighted to present Michael with his very own engraved Ipad in December!

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